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Chocolate Cookies

Cookies, Cakes, Muffins and more:)



Baking things:)!

t Me.


Hi friends:)! My name is Evelyn Donnon, but I go by Evy for short. A high school grad without a clue what I want to do with my life:) Right now I spend my time hanging out with friends, sleeping (lots of sleeping), working at CFA, and baking (lots and lots of baking!). I have chosen the name The Way The Cookies Crumble:) because cookies get stale, they become hard and when you take a bite they crumble but they still taste the same.


I am always willing and excited to bring cookies and treats to work and for anyone when they request them but if you ever really enjoy something that I've made then this is way to place an order for a full batch. We're talking 40 some cookies, a full size cake, dozens of cupcakes, or a tray of cinnamon rolls:) While yes, I promise this is a lot of sugar this is for when you want to share (or had really long day and need to pig out) no judgement here:!

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